Ginola: Spurs’ midfield is the problem

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Former Tottenham star David Ginola believes his former club’s problems are in midfield and need to be addressed by Mauricio Pochettino.

Spurs’ 2-1 defeat at Leicester means they have won just one of their last six Premier League matches and have lost as many this season as they did throughout the whole of last term.

The likes of Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli have faced criticism this season – and Ginola believes that area is where the main problems lie.

“Spurs are in a difficult situation and need to find consistency in those players like Eriksen in the middle of the park. We need more from those players,” Ginola told Talksport.

“Thinking about the defence and the strikers, it is not a problem scoring goals and they can defend pretty well, the main concern is to be consistent in the middle of the park to dictate the game.

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“My concern for my former club is not really up front, because I know against any team they can score goals, it’s about the middle of the park.

“This is where you build the game and you get your strength from getting the ball back and creating opportunities – this is where everything happens.

“For Pochettino it’s to find the best strategy around making sure that until the end of the season he will get the players involved even more in the middle of the park to bring the ball forward.”

Tuesday’s defeat left fifth-placed Spurs 13 points behind leaders Manchester City.

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