The Todd Boehly Era: What Every Chelsea Fan Should Be Expecting

For almost 20 years, Chelsea FC enjoyed under the ownership of Roman Abramovich. The team became the Pride of London and one of the most successful clubs in Europe since the takeover. They went from challenging for titles to winning everything. It was a prosperous era that Chelsea wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

One thing about Abrahmovic was that he didn’t see his ownership of Chelsea as a business. For him, it was completely for the love of the game and the club. He was a part of the club, and for many years, Roman would be a name that the fans would keep chanting. It was heartbreaking when it was reported in various sports news that he would sell.

Undoubtedly, topping that era in the hearts of Chelsea fans would be tough for Boehly and his Consortium. The new owners have a different aura as they bring a different vibe to the table. The team would look different and the approach would be more business-like than before.

However, Chelsea fans shouldn’t fear because before he left, Roman ensured that the new owners would be committed to building the club and keeping them competitive. Also, the criteria to sell is to ensure that the team wouldn’t be sucked dry by the new owners, just as we see with Liverpool and Manchester United’s owners. 

Also, Boehly has promised to keep Chelsea competitive, and with the takeover complete, we look at what Chelsea fans should expect in this Boehly Era as we enter into the first transfer window. 

Transfer Funds Injection

The first order of business under Boehly would be to add new players to the team to help strengthen the squad. A few players are already rumored to be on the target list of the management. Therefore, once the new administration is settled in, we expect them to try to get in as many as possible.

That way, Tuchel can assess the team during the preseason to see how best they can work together, and the new players can ease into the team. So, we expect around £200 million to be injected into the team in addition to the money they would get from player sales and removing some top-earners from the wages list. 

Marquee Signing

We also expect Boehly to make a statement signing as one of his first. Many people have rumored it to be Declan Rice, but the price tag on the young Englishman is massive, and it would take a lot to bring him to the bring. However, signing a player like Rice would help the team greatly. 

But we can’t say what marquee signing we will see at the Bridge next season. We just know that there is a good chance that we would have a big-money move to the team. Aside from Rice, other players fit into the profile, and undoubtedly, we love to see who makes a move down to West London. 

Out with the Old; In with the New

Some of the senior personnel from the Roman era would be cleared out. We already saw Bruce Buck step down from his role as chairman, and Marina has also moved on from her role. Therefore, we expect more names to join that list as the team is working on an all-round rebuilding to start the new era.

With the old ones moving on, we would start seeing new appointments, and there is a chance that Boehly would take on a more active role in the club’s running. Therefore, it would be different from what the team had with Roman. Also, it would make it easy for him to understand the situation and proffer suitable solutions. 

Back the Manager

One of the early signs from the new ownership is that they would back the Manager. The Lukaku situation has shown this to be true, as they’ve finalized a deal that doesn’t seem to favor the team to see the Belgian go back to Inter. Therefore, we can say that Tuchel will have a lot of backing from the top. 

Also, it is rumored that Tuchel would have the power to pick the players he wants as the new owners are looking to build the team around the manager. Therefore, we expect to see more signings suited to Tuchel’s tactics, and in that case, we would be seeing a more formidable team for years to come. 

Future Projections

The future is not predictable, but we believe that Chelsea football club is in good hands with Boehly, going by his track record with the LA Dodgers franchise. It might not be what the team is used to, but in the absence of Roman Abrahmovic, there are only a few owners better suited for a top English football club that wants to compete like Todd Boehly.