Lampard will only let Giroud go if three conditions are met

Frank Lampard has insisted he is in no rush to let Olivier Giroud leave Chelsea.

Inter Milan are among the clubs to have been linked with Giroud, who is keen to move on during this month’s transfer window.

But Blues boss Lampard wants to bring in another forward before letting Giroud go.

Speaking at a press conference, Lampard said a deal would only happen if Giroud made it clear he wanted a move, the club felt the deal was right and Lampard was satisfied it did not weaken his squad.

“There’s no update on Ollie. My answer remains the same as it has been recently,” Lampard said.

“I’ve spoken with him. If the conditions are that it’s something Ollie really wants to do, and it works for the club, and it works for me and the squad, then that’s something that could happen.

“But only when all three of those bases are covered. So we’re still there.”

Chelsea look certain to part with Danny Dinkwater, who is not in Lampard’s plans.

Drinkwater has returned from a loan spell at Burnley and is expected to join Aston Villa.

Asked if Drinkwater is likely to be on the move again, Lampard said: “We’ll see. It’s a possibility.”