Merson predicts Chelsea’s defence won’t be able to cope with Man City

Paul Merson has predicted that Chelsea will not be able to cope with Manchester City’s attacking players.

The former Arsenal and England forward believes City will have too much for Maurizio Sarri’s side, who have been fragile defensively.

Pundit Merson, predicting the outcome for Sky Sports, said he would be “shocked” if Chelsea took anything from Sunday’s game at the Emirates Stadium.

“I think City will win this as I just do not see how Chelsea defensively can keep them quiet on their ground and the way they pass and move it,” he said.

“Marcos Alonso plays as a No 10 and will be bombing forward, while David Luiz will either be a 9/10, or a 3/10! I would be shocked if Chelsea got anything from this game.

“However, despite being top of the league, City are still vulnerable, they are not like they were last season. You could see that against Arsenal last weekend as when they equalised, they were comfortable and looked the better team, but they just did not have enough.

“Chelsea have got more than Arsenal and it will be a hard game for City, but I just think that defensively, Chelsea can’t be relied upon.

“They let in four at Bournemouth recently and if they fall behind, I just do not see them coming back, they do not have that in them.”

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