Neymar predicts Emery will bring success to Arsenal

Brazilian superstar Neymar has praised Unai Emery and predicted he will bring success to Arsenal.

Neymar was speaking at a news conference ahead of Brazil’s international match against Uruguay at the Emirates Stadium.

The Paris St-Germain forward played under Emery at the French club and has no doubt that the Gunners boss will make his mark in north London.

Neymar said: “Arsenal are playing really great football. They are coming from a great run in recent matches and everybody knows he’s a really great coach.

“We know about their quality and I was really happy to work with him because he’s a really hard working guy. He really wanted to coach us and really wanted to study about football.

“I think he will bring good things for Arsenal, which is a really huge and important club here in England. I wish him luck.”

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