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Dicks insists Hammers fans ‘must be heard’

Julian Dicks says West Ham’s owners need to listen to angry fans.

The former Hammers defender, who remains a hugely popular figure among supporters, left his coaching role at the club when Slaven Bilic was sacked in November.

“I don’t agree with the fighting, the coin throwing and the violence — but fans must be heard,” Dicks told The Sun.

“They are deeply frustrated with the way things are going and want to get their point across.

“The Burnley incidents have been dismissed as mindless hooliganism. Yes, some of it overstepped the mark but some of it was more out of frustration than anything else.

“The guy who ran on the pitch with the corner flag was no yob.”

Dicks was opposed to West Ham’s relocation from Upton Park to the London Stadium, where many Hammers fans are deeply unhappy.

“I didn’t want to move to the London Stadium all along,” Dicks explained.

“Even two years before the move I was having reservations about it.”

He added: “The board has to back managers in the transfer market. That was the whole point of the move.

“It was said it would lead to the signings to challenge for the top six and European football. But talk is cheap.”

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