Redknapp has ‘raving hump’ over Neville’s Spurs rant

Harry Redknapp has reacted furiously to comments made about Tottenham by Gary Neville.

Former Manchester United and England defender Neville, now a television pundit, gave a scathing assessment of Spurs after their defeat home to Manchester City on Monday.

Neville declared that over a 30-year period, including his time as a player, Spurs were regarded as “spineless and soft”, “flaky”, “rubbish” and “pathetic” and that if 2-0 down to them there was a feeling it was possible to come back and win 5-2.

His remarks left Redknapp, who managed Tottenham between 2005 and 2008, leading them into the Champions League, livid.

Redknapp told Talksport: “It’s a disgrace to talk about players, saying they’re spineless and gutless. I was so disappointed and so upset with his comments.

“I think he wants to do his homework before making comments like that. He was totally out of order.

“His comments were an absolute disgrace. To label that against top, top players – we played fantastic football.

“We weren’t spineless, pathetic, flaky or soft and I really do take issue with that.

“I’ve got the raving hump, I’ve got to be honest. I wouldn’t want to speak to him, to be truthful. I’ve got the raving needle with him. I think he’s totally out of order, I really do.

“People have got a right to opinions, I don’t dispute that. But his opinion in this case is totally wrong – totally out of order.

“I had fantastic players and I was very lucky to manage a really outstanding Tottenham team who played great football.

“To talk about them in that tone I think is an absolute disgrace.”

Redknapp also pointed to Neville’s brief spell as a manager, at Spanish club Valencia, where he lasted less than four months.

“He managed Valencia and when he managed their team they were the worst Valencia team probably not just in the last 30 years but in their history,” Redknapp said.

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