Lloris: Spurs can’t consistently challenge for Champions League

Could loris be on his way out of Spurs?

Video: HaytersTV

Hugo Lloris does not believe Tottenham can consistently challenge for the Champions League but says the club is moving forward.

Spurs were beaten 2-0 by Liverpool in Saturday’s final in Madrid and hope it proves to be a springboard for future success.

But Lloris said: “I don’t think that Tottenham is the type of club to challenge for the Champions League every season. We have to be honest.

“But one thing is sure, we are ambitious and we try to reduce the gap with the best teams in the world, step by step.

“I think in three years we showed a lot of improvement in the right direction. Probably with the new stadium it will bring fresh confidence to the club.

“Now it’s up to us to get back into the work and come back stronger next season.”

Spurs found themselves a goal down after Mohamed Salah’s early penalty and they struggled to create clear-cut chances before Divock Origi’s late goal sealed Liverpool’s win.

But boss Mauricio Pochettino declared: “I feel very proud about their effort, how we fought.”

Pochettino added in his post-match press conference: “You want to experience this again and repeat it. It is the best game in the world after the World Cup.

“It’s about trying, believing and building the journey so it happens again as soon as possible.”

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