Conte earned nearly £23m from Chelsea contract

Former Chelsea boss and new Tottenham manager Antonio Conte made a staggering £22,971,507 from his 106-day stint at Stamford Bridge, it has emerged.

The Italian’s earnings during that period meant he got £328,164 per win and had a daily wage of £30,959.

Managerial Payouts, a study carried out by 101 Great Goals, has calculated the total money made by every Premier League manager sacked since the start of the 2011/12 season by working out the daily wage of each manager and multiplying it by the total number of days they were in charge.

With contract details sourced for each manager from news articles and Transfermarkt, the research shows which managers made the most money despite performing poorly in their jobs, and breaks down each manager by the total amount paid per game, and per win, as well as singling out which clubs have forked out the most.

Only managers who were sacked from their jobs were counted and their most recent contracts.

Despite Conte’s huge figure, he was only third on the list with Jose Mourinho earning the most of all the sacked managers by some margin, gaining £97,674,480 across his three high profile jobs in the Premier League.

The special one also had a huge combined payout from Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs of around £46,200,000, making him by far the most expensive manager in the history of the Premier League.

Another former Tottenham man Mauricio Pochettino came in second place on the list despite only having been sacked once in his Premier League stint, which consisted of two managerial jobs.

But his long stay at White Hart Lane left him with a hefty sum of £45,806,849, which is still less than 50% of what his predecessor in the role made from his three sackings.

Elsewhere on the list, Premier League managerial veterans Harry Redknapp (fourth), Mark Hughes (sixth), Sam Allardyce (seventh) and Alan Pardew (ninth) all ranked in the top 10 with an astonishing 8,179 days in charge between them at their various clubs.

Much like Pochettino, Redknapp earned most of his money during his time at Tottenham but was also sacked from their London rivals QPR with both jobs totalling £20,395,803 in earnings.

Hughes and Pardew had the joint-most number of jobs with Mourinho since the 2011/12 season, but both made significantly less with £13,024,792 and £9,142,056 respectively.

Data from all 71 managers sacked in the Premier League prior to the 2021/22 season has been collected by Managerial Payouts, with data for each manager available beyond the 15 shown in the above graphic.

A further look at results and for a full breakdown of club-by-club findings, please visit www.101greatgoals/managerial-payouts.