Carragher: Managers would choose Chelsea over Tottenham

Jamie Carragher believes Chelsea are still a bigger draw for managers than Tottenham.

Both London clubs are looking to install a new boss this summer, with Cristian Stellini in temporary charge at Spurs and Frank Lampard having recently returned to Chelsea as interim boss.

Several managers, including Julian Nagelsmann and Mauricio Pochettino, have been linked with the jobs.

Spurs are vying for a Champions League place, while Chelsea are well behind in the race for a top-four finish.

However, speaking on Sky Bet’s The Overlap Live Tour, former England and Liverpool defender Carragher said: “If a manager has an option between Chelsea and Spurs, I think they will choose Chelsea in terms of giving them more chance of a window, and maybe a bigger transfer kitty.”

And Carragher believes Nagelsmann, who is available after being sacked by Bayern Munich, could be heading to Chelsea.

He said: “The fact that they put Frank Lampard in tells me they may already have someone lined up, but that person will come in the summer.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out in the next few weeks that Julian Naglesmann has agreed to join Chelsea, but he wanted some time out and to get ready for the summer and have a pre-season.

“I might be totally wrong, and they might not have anyone and are still working on it, but to sign Frank straight away and not give it another week to get someone in for a couple of months, makes me feel they have something already lined up to the summer.”