‘Chelsea cast-off Potter wouldn’t be right fit for Spurs’

Simon Jordan does not believe Graham Potter would be the right man for Tottenham.

Potter has been linked with the manager’s job at Spurs after being sacked as Chelsea boss.

But former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan thinks it would be a mistake for Spurs chairman Daniel Levy to appoint Potter.

“I can’t make a case for him at Tottenham,” Jordan said on Talksport.

“Personality-wise, maybe, with Daniel Levy, because he’s not going to create headaches for Daniel Levy.

“But the headaches Daniel Levy has is his team don’t win enough – they don’t win anything. So I’m not sure that Potter is the fit.”

Jordan added that Tottenham should be careful about appointing another sacked Chelsea boss, having done so with Andre Villas-Boas.

Jordan said: “They’ve tried this before. They took AVB after Chelsea reduced him to a carcass of a manager and that didn’t work out particularly well, so I’m not inclined to believe that Potter would be anything different.

“I hope that they go for something different. The cast-off – an old pair of slingbacks – that Chelsea don’t want doesn’t seem to be the fit or the order of the day for Tottenham.

“Tottenham need to plough their own trough, have their own ideas and have somebody that’s actually capable of delivering an outcome.

“Graham Potter is somebody who has shown himself to be incapable at Chelsea so why would he subsequently become capable at Spurs?”