QPR striker Sylla given warning by Holloway

Ian Holloway has threatened to axe Idrissa Sylla if the QPR striker repeats his recent reaction to being substituted.

Sylla was unhappy when Holloway chose to take him off during the second half of last week’s 1-0 win at Reading.

The Rangers boss did not like the player’s reaction and has warned him about his future conduct.

“I had one who didn’t look too happy when I brought him off live on the telly last week,” Holloway said at a press conference on Thursday.

“I’ve made him know that’s not acceptable. It’s not about me, it’s about the person I’m putting on. What are you saying to him? Are you better than him then?

“I can’t get over it – the selfish attitude that stinks through football needs to change. Will it? It will in my environment. This is my environment. If the lads don’t like it they can jog on.”

Holloway insisted that Sylla showed signs of tiredness, prompting the decision to put recent loan signing Kazenga LuaLua on in his place.

“If you’re tiring I’m going to bring you off – simple as that,” Holloway said.

“I don’t mind people not wanting to come off, but you’ve got to show you’re as fit as everyone else and running around as much as them.

“He was disappointed as he felt he was playing well and felt he had a lot more in the tank.

“I said ‘Do you understand where I need you to run? You looked tired – more tired than Jamie Mackie and he’s been out for seven months – so don’t look tired. And if you ever look like that at one of my decisions again, you’ll be sat on that bench or you’ll be out of here’.

“He can’t show disrespect like that. But that’s the modern thing. Football’s changed.”

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