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Three things we learned from Tuchel’s press conference ahead of the FA Cup final

Chelsea boss Thomas Frank spoke at a press conference yesterday ahead of the FA Cup final against Liverpool. Here are three key things which came out of it…

Kovacic and Kante could be involved at Wembley

“We are trying. He (Kovacic) wants to try it and the medical department gave the green light to try it.

“We will try it and then see , which is pretty surprising news that we are even in this situation. There is heavy pain and it’s heavily swollen. We’re hoping that maybe time is enough and he makes it.

“N’Golo Kante is also trying. He did more or less everything (in training) and hopefully now there will be no reaction. We will also be trying with him. Hopefully he makes it to training 100%.”

Tuchel is prepared to gamble on their fitness

“It’s the moment to take risks.”

And he isn’t distracted by Lukaku’s agent saying he’ll speak to Chelsea’s new owners

“That’s what it is sometimes in football. The attention is so high that sometimes it attracts situations that you don’t want to have before big matches. But it’s the way it is. For me it’s not a distraction and hopefully also not for the team and for everybody who works with the team.

“Let’s see if he gets a meeting. It’s his right. We will talk to everybody and we will evaluate any situation of any player, including Romelu, and then we’ll see what happens and what the plans are.”

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