Three key things we learned from Lampard’s press conference earlier

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard spoke at a press conference on Friday ahead of the game against Sheffield United. Here are three things we learned.

Christian Pulisic has had another setback

“He’s not fit to play. He’s still suffering with his hamstring. He’s not (training) at the moment. He trained at a low level in midweek and wasn’t comfortable, so we have to keep looking for the right solution.”

Lampard remains keen to rest Timo Werner

“I think it was clear at the Burnley game I was planning on giving him a rest.

“Timo has played a lot of games. But there’s always a balance in my job, with players that are playing well and enjoying it.

“I’m not talking about tomorrow, necessarily, but as we move forward I will try to manage those minutes and keep him as fresh as we can.

“But at the minute he’s going well, so we’ll see.”

There’s still a big role for Olivier Giroud

“He’s given a typically great response which is to train as well as possible and he has been amazing around the group.

“That’s just a fact with Oli and that’s maybe not always a fact with people out of the team. I can’t speak highly enough of him on that side.

“It’s part of my job I don’t like, with top players, top people, that are good around the group but not always playing.

“When Oli came in he performed very well at the restart. That was a huge factor in us getting in the top four so I had difficult selections for the team and then I do rely on great professionals and Oli is showing that.”

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