Arsenal boss rules out move for Benzema

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has ruled out a pre-deadline move for Karim Benzema after being linked with the French striker.

Spanish media reports have suggested that Benzema, 29, could leave Real Madrid and that a move to Arsenal is a possibility.

But Wenger insisted at a press conference on Monday morning that he had no intention of buying his fellow Frenchman.

Asked why he thought Benzema was being linked with a possible move to Arsenal, Wenger said: “Because he’s French and maybe there are some voices that he would leave Madrid. But there’s no need for us to buy a striker.”

Wenger has consistently maintained that he is not looking to make major signings during this month’s transfer window, instead focusing on getting the likes of Danny Welbeck back from injury.

“It’s been a very quiet January. We have a big squad and are not in any need to buy and players,” he added.

“That is the same generally for the other big teams too – they all have big squads so that’s why they will all be quiet.

“You have to have a need to buy players, but numbers and quality-wise we have the strength and we now have to do what we can with that.”

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