Redknapp: Winks should not play for England

Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has questioned whether Harry Winks should play for England against Spain.

The Spurs midfielder is expected to replace Jordan Henderson, who is suspended for the Nations League game in Seville after being yellow-carded against Croatia on Friday.

But Redknapp believes Winks, 22, should prove himself as a first-team player at his club before getting an opportunity for his country.

“I like Harry, he’s a good player, but he doesn’t get in the Tottenham team does he really? I know he’s had injuries as well,” Redknapp told Talksport.

“I do like him, he’s a good footballer, but I’d like to see more of him – he needs to be in that Tottenham team I think on a regular basis before you get in the England team.

“If you are good enough then surely you can get in your club team. You’ve got to be able to get in the team.

“Years ago you had to be a top, top player every week in your club team to get in the England team.

“Now you don’t have even have to be in your club team on a regular basis to play for your country.”

It would be a second cap for Winks, who is back in contention following a long struggle with ankle problems.

He has started Tottenham’s last two games, largely because of injuries to other players.

Redknapp said: “It’s good to stick the kids in but they’ve got to be up to it really. They’ve got to be playing.

“It’s good to see the kids coming in but I think they’ve got to earn their spurs.

“They’ve got to get into their club teams and have a good run at playing at club level and work their way into the England team from there.”

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  1. c b waters | 15/10/2018 at | Reply

    Harry’s got a strong point, but it isn’t like the old days, when a top club in this country consisted of mostly English and Scottish players, with some Welsh and Irish too. Now the top clubs (apart from Spurs) play only 2 or perhaps 3 Englishmen max in the first team, and often only one! Given that fact, and the extremely hard situation for English players to break through, it does Southgate credit for having a competitive national team. That is why Southgate goes with youth ..because there just aren’t the established, grizzled old pros who play week in week out for the best clubs, and have high international profiles (apart from Kane). So let’s look at Winks here. Of course he’s not the finished product, and still has a little way to go before cementing that first choice for Spurs. He’s also had those injuries we’re all aware of. BUT, England don’t have any central and creative midfielders to speak of at the highest level ..or none that Southgate wishes to use. We dropped a clanger by not taking Shelvey (or perhaps even Wilshire) as an impact player at the World Cup. Shame, because if we could have had SOME control in the centre against Croatia, we might have sneaked it to the Final. But we had no creators/playmakers as such ..just defenders, two DMs, Alli (who was played deep and out of position rather than on Kane’s shoulder) and er multi-forwards (all of whom were more interested in trying to score themselves, rather than create for Kane). OK, so now Barkley is back in the frame. Good, but you can’t play Dier and Henderson together, so we need someone else ..and that’s Winks. He’s the best of the rest at the moment, and hopefully he’ll really kick on and prove a world class midfielder.

  2. I take Harry Redknapp’s point, but if England didn’t play club reserves and fringe players like Winks, they’d be reduced to Championship and even League One players, so diminished is the pool of eligible Englishmen in the PL. Other countries don’t seem to have the same problem; Germany and Spain still seem to have plenty of native talent to choose from, but the craze for foreign managers and players is not-so-slowly but very surely destroying the base of ‘English’ football, hence the awarding of full caps to the likes of Livermore, Mason and Winks (none of whom were first-choice at Spurs), or to the entire Chelsea reserve team (slight, but only slight exaggeration), who get games for England but not a sniff for Chelsea. It will no doubt end with the total relaxation of current eligibility rules, and we’ll see anyone who can’t get a game for their real home country applying to play for England, Konta-style. Sissoko for England perhaps?

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