New ground can be Spurs' equivalent of 'amazing' Anfield, says Pochettino - London Football News

New ground can be Spurs’ equivalent of ‘amazing’ Anfield, says Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino is banking on Tottenham’s new stadium providing a similar boost in the title race to the one Liverpool get from their “Anfield party”.

Spurs have propelled themselves into Premier League contenders after a run of eight wins from their last nine games and they have done so playing at Wembley, where at times it has been a struggle to create an atmosphere, even though results have not suffered.

Their new stadium is finally expected to be ready in the first few months of 2019 and Pochettino is certain he wants to move straight to the 62,000-seater arena rather than staying at the national stadium where they are settled.

He sees how Liverpool, who are six points clear at the top of the league, are lifted by the Anfield crowd and wants something similar at their new home.

“That is why when I was asked before, ‘Do you want to move’, I said, ‘Of course, as soon as possible’, because it’s going to be a massive boost for the team,” he said.

“It’s going to be a place where the fans can help the team to achieve more. There is no doubt. I am so happy with Wembley but tomorrow if the new stadium is ready we are going to move to our new house.

“I told Daniel (Levy) when he asked me, but you know he is so worried about such things. I am the opposite.

“To play in your own stadium is the best thing that can happen in your life. The moment the new stadium is ready, if it is my decision, my decision is to move quickly.

“You can feel like yesterday when I saw the highlights that the people at Anfield are desperate to win and they are showing their support to the team.

“Yesterday Anfield was amazing, every game Liverpool play at Anfield is a party and that sometimes makes a difference.”

Spurs’ ascent into the top two of the Premier League has been even more impressive given they have had to play at Wembley, where, although results have been strong, the atmosphere has sometimes been flat.

Attendances in recent weeks have been capped to 51,000 and the 90,000-capacity arena has been sometimes half-empty.

Pochettino has got no complaints with his supporters.

“We cannot ask more from our fans, they are doing a fantastic job,” he said. “The circumstances of that period in the club, we need to be strong and we cannot complain about all that happened.

“It was not easy to get to Wembley on public transport, it’s not easy.

“Maybe they were our fans, but many fans that have come in this period have visited London and, like a theatre, they say, ‘Oh it’s a game at Wembley, I’m going to buy a ticket.’

“It’s normal, but our fans feel and they try to increase the atmosphere of the club or the game, but we have a limit too.

“Our fans tried to increase the atmosphere of the game but in a 90,000 stadium we are limited to 51,000.

“On Boxing Day we had 45,000. We can’t complain, we need to be stronger and try to deliver our best job.”