Mourinho explains why he must be given plenty of time at Spurs

Jose Mourinho says he ought to be given time to make his mark as Tottenham manager.

Mourinho took over following the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino and is expected to add to the squad during the transfer window.

Speaking at a press conference, the former Chelsea boss warned against short-termism as the club look to turn their season around.

“Everybody in the club wants to give the team the best conditions,” he said when asked about possible new signings.

“But at the same time, the world doesn’t end at the end of this season.

“We have a few months until the end of the season to fight for results, but nothing ends in the end of the season. The end of the season is just the end of a first period.”

And Mourinho believes Liverpool’s progress under Jurgen Klopp underlines why patience is important.

He said: “Yesterday I was watching the Liverpool match and I think I was watching the best team in the world in this moment.

“Then I googled it just to confirm: Jurgen arrived October 2015, I think eight transfer windows, lots of players leaving, lots of players coming, and time for him to put his philosophy, to put his training methods, to put his fingerprints.

“Beautiful results as a consequence of fantastic work, step by step, phase by phase.

“I think in the first season they finished something like sixth or eighth and four years later they are not just world champions, I think they are the best team in the world in this moment.

“So, no panic. Calm. I have experience. The club has lots of experience. But calm does not mean we don’t want to win the next match. We always want to win.”

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  1. Baz Cuda | 03/01/2020 at | Reply

    All true, but I bet if you look back there wasn’t a single transfer window since Klopp arrived where Liverpool didn’t do business. We are going backwards at a rate of knots at the moment; not only in terms of our own progress, but in comparison to the progress of the other teams at the top of the table. The only way to stem the flow is by constantly refreshing the squad; constantly, albeit in small increments, building on what we have. The stop-start nature of the investment in the First XI over the last 3 seasons is now coming home to roost. We were way ahead of Liverpool’s curve 3 seasons ago. Now look at the difference ! Having made ourselves regular finishers in the top 4, the board should have made sure we stayed there. They haven’t. And there are now THREE more teams challenging for the top 4 spots this season than we’ve had to deal with in previous seasons. We don’t have a single defender or defensive midfielder that any of the current top 8 teams would be interested in buying ! If we don’t qualify for the Champions League then we’re back to not being an attractive destination for players who only want to sign for CL clubs. In short, we’re back to square one, as far as the team is concerned, albeit with great facilities. It’s a poor state of affairs, and yet another kick in the teeth for supporters who’ve witnessed these false dawns repeatedly over many decades: just as we start to get somewhere, lack of investment in the squad knocks us back again.

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