Villas-Boas: Spurs board destroyed everything

Former Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has launched a scathing attack on the club’s Daniel Levy-led board.

Villa-Boas, who also managed Chelsea, says he turned down Paris St-Germain only to see Spurs fail to build on the progress the club made in their first season under the former Porto boss.

And in explosive interview with Corriere dello Sport, as reported by Talksport, Villas-Boas pulled no punches in his assessment of his time at White Hart Lane.

“The first season was magnificent in all aspects. We had a ‘short’ squad in terms of depth, but a great spirit and so much will,” he said.

“We picked up the most points in Spurs’ history with an incredible Bale who played behind Adebayor where he was free to move, but also with Lennon and Walker who allowed us to have a good counter-attacking 4-4-2.

“I got an offer from Paris Saint-Germain, who wanted me, but I said no out of love for Tottenham. Maybe that was a mistake.

“In April, we started planning for the next season. I offered some names to buy and sell, but during the transfer window, the board didn’t listen and quickly destroyed everything we’d created.”

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  1. c b waters | 16/11/2018 at | Reply

    We had a very unbalanced side in Villas-Boas’ first season, 2012/13,even though we managed to accumulate our most ever points in a PL season, at that time. It was Bale who dragged us almost singled-handedly to that total, but with us only finishing 5th, and no CL prospects again, it put the tin lid on it for our Welshman’s departure, as it had the prior season for Modric when, despite us finishing 4th in Harry’s last season, 2011/12, we never made the CL because of Chelsea (6th) winning the damn thing. So it was a massive blow for Spurs to lose both Modric and Bale (and technically Parker, who was never the same as a top DM without his genius Croat partner) and it was hard to spring back immediately in Villas-Boas’ 2nd season, despite all the new signings from the Bale money (of which only Eriksen and Lamela remain). I believe Villas-Boas was fairly unlucky in that he didn’t appear to have much say on who we brought in for the 2013/14 season, or who to get rid of, and I don’t believe he ever got the chance to rebuild the way he wished to ..which was something Spurs needed to sadly and frustratingly act on after losing a fine and balanced team, built over 3 to 4 years during Harry’s tenure. I believe the penny finally dropped with Levy and the board, however, which is why we’ve had another superb team for the past 3 to 4 seasons (with only Walker leaving) but AVB never really got the chance to make any sort of impact or team-building in his 2nd season. So yes, I think he was let down, despite the fact I’m glad we eventually ended up getting Poch.

  2. I think the fact that he rated Adebayor highly and Poch got rid of him about sums up his eye for talent. His buying list would help judge his judgement.

  3. Jeff Sims | 17/11/2018 at | Reply

    I seem to remember playing slow build up, passing back and sideways boring football underAVB.

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