New QPR stadium looks a non-starter

QPR’s hopes of a new stadium in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham have suffered a big setback.

Rangers co-owner Tony Fernandes has accused the local authority of failing to support the club’s attempts to relocate within the borough.

The club want to leave Loftus Road and move to the site of the Linford Christie Stadium near Wormwood Scrubs.

However, Hammersmith & Fulham Council issued a statement on Wednesday calling for Rangers fans “to lobby their owners to hand over the ownership of their club to the fans so it can remain in the borough.”

A council spokesperson said: “We’ve had many meetings with Tony Fernandes and his team.

“He’s lobbied us to turn the current QPR stadium into housing and even lobbied us to add in the nearby council homes on Batman Close so he can become one of the biggest developers in White City – one of the hottest development neighbourhoods in the country.

“We’ve been extremely clear that we will never hand over people’s homes on Batman Close to any developer and cannot give any land away for free.

“If QPR’s owners won’t put their money where their mouth is and invest in the current stadium we’ve offered to consider other options such as renting other sites.

“We think this is a crunch point for QPR. We call on the owners to put the club and its fans first and consider an FC Barcelona-style fan ownership.

“We love QPR but don’t see it as our business to help QPR’s owners engage in property speculation.”

2 Comments on "New QPR stadium looks a non-starter"

  1. angryoap | 07/02/2019 at | Reply

    Well, Ive heard it all now, The council doesnt want to invest, preferring the area to rot away rather than put their own money into a refurbishment programme of their own and then have the brass neck to criticise others when they try to improve the area. I pity the poor local residents, what happening to councils these days. Jealousy springs to mind here.

  2. Barry Crew | 07/02/2019 at | Reply

    I think the council and qpr owners should now be looking to talk around the table to thrash out a solution for a new ground because it is clear to all parties involved loftus road is not adequate for qpr to survive on there gates and on the future of the club is somewhat shaky in present circumstances.
    i think the owners have done terrific job keeping the club a float and at every attempt to move on to build a new stadium its been blocked by other parties involved to move qpr out of its area may be the only way to go. They are lovely club run by people who want to push on and build for the future of qpr and its supporters. I am loyal supporter who just wants the best for my club.

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