Bhatia issues plea to fans and expects tough times for QPR

QPR chairman Amit Bhatia has asked fans to be patient in what he expects to be a difficult season.

Rangers have steadied the ship somewhat since a disastrous start to the campaign that included a 7-1 hammering at West Brom.

But Bhatia believes they may well be other bad days for Steve McClaren’s young side while the club is in a rebuilding phase.

“I feel it’s the kind of season where we’re going to need the fans to be patient and to support us,” Bhatia said in an interview with QPR’s website.

“We’re going to have the odd game and odd result that’s not going to look good on paper, or maybe we’re not going to play great.

“But at Loftus Road, when we fill that stadium and everyone’s cheering, it really is an incredible atmosphere. It’s an atmosphere that players always talk about even after they leave the club.

“We need the fans. We need their support and need their patience and to understand that this is a season of rebuilding and we have a youngish squad that will require the fans’ patience.”

Bhatia also paid tribute to former co-chairmen Ruben Gnanalingam and Tony Fernandes but insisted he would now have the “final say” when decisions are made.

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  1. just what the fans needed, another chairman telling us to be patient, just how many more years are we expected to be patient, when are the heiracy going to do something to change our fortunes?

  2. QPR fans are not going to accept selling the most important players at the end of each season. QPR do not have Premiership players.
    Over the past two years l have only seen a couple of good games at Loftus Road, all the rest have been mediocre at best.
    A five hour round trip traveling to see the team is now not going to be a regular event.
    I had great faith in Bhatia but there doesn’t seem any plan for developing the team or improving the ground or timescale for a new one.The stadium is embarrassing with many teams offering fans a good seat adequate toilet and catering facilities , QPR are not good enough any more.
    Support will evaporate which now seems inevitable unless investment is forthcoming.
    Whilst l appreciate the honesty of Bhatia l will not be visiting Loftus Road until l can see the owners having a way forward.I do not accept the current defeatist mind set which was never an issue when Ollie or Warnock were in charge.

  3. Billyhoop | 12/09/2018 at | Reply

    Keep up will you. Some people just can’t get their head around our situation can they….

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