BBC pundit: Sarri is the problem, not Chelsea’s players

Alan Shearer has suggested Maurizio Sarri has got it wrong with some of his key decisions as Chelsea boss.

Sarri has deployed Eden Hazard as a striker and N’Golo Kante in a more attacking midfield role.

Results have been mixed – and the Blues were outplayed in their 2-0 defeat at Arsenal.

Head coach Sarri launched a scathing attack on his players after the game at the Emirates Stadium, questioning their attitude and motivation.

However, speaking on Match of the Day, pundit Shearer insisted Chelsea’s main problem is Sarri’s tactical approach.

The former England captain said: “They’re not scoring enough goals. They’re not getting enough people in the box.

“They’ve got Hazard playing in a centre-forward position that I don’t think he’s comfortable in.

“Hazard as a centre-forward has got to hold it up, got to bring people into the game and he’s not able to do that – it’s not what he’s good at.

“It’s alright the manager moaning about the players’ attitude, but he’s playing their best two players, Kante and Hazard, out of position. That’s not helping them at all.”

And Shearer believes Sarri’s public criticism of his players is also a big mistake.

“We’ve seen it in the past when managers have criticised players openly on television. It doesn’t work,” Shearer said.

4 Comments on "BBC pundit: Sarri is the problem, not Chelsea’s players"

  1. Very true fine chelsea needs a striker but without a creative midfielder nothing will change. Fabrigas would ve stayed or by isco to fix the problem. Luiz tries to slot in balls for striker and wen ur seeing Alonso in striking position oh no

  2. rachel tomlinson | 20/01/2019 at | Reply

    sirri needs to go

  3. George Anagnos | 20/01/2019 at | Reply

    Absolutely correct. You don’t have to earn millions in wages to understand that. Sarri is undermining the two most important players and in the long term, his inability to see it will cost Chelsea too dear. In reality, the entire approach of the Club in the football world falls far below, even from the smaller clubs. Decisions are taken on amazing grounds. Useless players purchased. The administration never considered the Manager’s opinion, with a few exceptions of course. In a nutshell, Abramovich and his ignorant Marina Director of Chelsea should sell the Club to some more realistic owner that can build Rome slowly and not overnight. How ridiculous they are!

  4. Playing hazard and Kate in wrong positions is a glaring problem for everyone to see.But I’m surprised how blind sari is not to have known what the problem is by now.

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